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Help For Depression: “Hi Darren, Since I went to see you I am a changed man, my concerns have faded away and I am getting better with every passing day, I no longer feel those terrible feelings that I had before I came to see you , I have become at peace with myself and see things in a different light . I would definitely recommend that if anyone has any issues that need fixing to see you, thank you for being there and so understanding. Your subtle way of addressing issues has helped me in moving on with my life. My awareness has increased and is improving every day now I see everything around me in a different way, no more do I suffer from those dark feelings that plagued my mind, I can now close my eyes and all is clear to me, if anyone has similar problems that I had they should go and see you. Many thanks for the help you gave me in sorting out my life.” Bill. Cairns, Queensland.

Help For Depression: “I feel that there has been improvement in my level of depression and overall feeling of well-being. On the whole I am a lot more positive and feel better. Thanks for your help Darren” Ingrid, Tolga, Qld.

Help For Depression: “In the first few months after going for the treatment I noticed a weight lifted from my shoulders, everything was beginning to look up and my partner and I are sorting everything out for a new family. I am no longer so irritable whilst driving, I have more confidence in myself, and the complete helplessness is gone. Jealousy is also no longer such a big issue for me.” Rachel, Cairns.

Help For Depression, Improved Sleep & Panic Attacks: “Dear Darren, Thank you for the opportunity to refocus my life and increase my day to day enjoyment of life in general. After our first session, I experienced the best sleep I had had in 2 months. My emotional state improved overnight. Generally my quality of life has improved greatly. I do not experience the lows, Panic Attacks and feelings of hopelessness. I look forward to a positive future in business, family and life in general. Thank you once again for your caring and understanding commitment to improving people’s lives”. Mike, Cairns.

Help For Depression: “Thank you so much, my Severe Depression has totally lifted and I no longer take Anti-Depressants. The Depression slowly faded over 3 months. Thank you”. Helga, Cairns, Queensland.

Beating Depression & Anger: “My feelings of Depression, Aggression, Guilt and Jealousy have completely resolved. I used to have a foul mouth, couldn’t control my temper and this greatly affected my marriage. My Diabetes has even improved significantly. Thanks Darren” John. Cairns, Queensland.

Overcoming Depression: “Dear Darren, The therapy has been an enormous aid to my recovery from Depression. I had many issues from my childhood, which I have now dealt with since therapy. Having Depression for more than 25 years, this therapy has been the best as I have had Psychotherapy and Counselling in the past. Thank you for your professional service”. Pat, Innisfail Far North Queensland.

Bi-Polar: “Before I saw you Darren, I was already dead inside. No one understood me, which caused me to constantly hide. My stepfather abused me for 6 years, every day I was in tears. For 18 years my life was a disaster. Defensive attitude, inconsolable tears very quickly became my master. But after seeing you, my blessings are too incredible to explain. Your approach was second to none and the real me I have gained. My Bi-Polar has lifted dramatically. I no longer feel dead inside. As a mum of 5, my kids used to call me “Angry Mum” & “Sad Mum”. All they call me now is “Happy Mum” Thank you so much Darren for unlocking my Barricaded Emotions”. Bron, Cairns, Queensland.

Help For Depression & Self Confidence: “I can’t believe your therapy actually worked. I thoroughly recommend it. I have noticed definite changes in my Self Confidence. I am handling difficult situations so much easier whereas before I used to hide behind myself. My Depression has completely resolved and energy levels risen dramatically. Many thanks for your help” Greg, Cairns, Queensland.

Help For Depression & Migraines: “In general, I am handling life far better than I have in the past and the sessions have definitely been a significant turning point for several if not many things. My Depression has improved immensely and I hardly ever get Migraines anymore. Thank you so much for your work and being there when I needed you. You’re doing great things Darren” Stan, Cairns, Queensland

Overcoming Depression, Anger & Anxiety: “I was sexually abused by my uncle when I was a little girl. Before the program, I held onto feelings of Anger, Guilt, Irritability, Jealousy, Shyness, Anxiety and Depression and also had many Negative Relationship Patterns. After my child was born I suffered from Post Natal Depression but this resolved my inner turmoil. My health significantly improved along with my Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Skin Problems. Thank you for your help” Kate, Innisfail, Far North Queensland.

Help For Depression & Panic Attacks: “Things are going quite well for both Shaun and I since we had the sessions with you. This was the first true step forward for Shaun’s recovery from Depression. He has more energy and enthusiasm for life. As for me, I am no longer fearful of having a panic attack. Thank you for the role you have played in turning our life around”. Mary and Shaun. Atherton, Far North Queensland.

Depression: “The 3 sessions with you has helped overcoming depression and I am starting to feel an overall sense of ease, Thank you”. Matt, Cairns, Queensland.

Overcoming Depression, Anger, Guilt, Self Confidence: “Four months after the program my feelings of Anger, Grief, Guilt, Irritability, Jealousy, Depression and Low Self Esteem have significantly improved. My Teeth Grinding has lessened considerably, my sleep is a lot better and I can concentrate so much better. On the physical side, my Allergies, Back Pain, Skin Problems, Headaches, Ulcers and Menstrual Problems have also significantly improved. Thank you” Kate, Cairns, Queensland.

Help For Depression & Anxiety: “Two words to describe my childhood would be ”Hard” and “Cruel”. I can’t remember a happy time. But after only 3 sessions I feel a lot less anxious and depressed. My nervous twitches and jiggling foot have even improved. Thanks”. Adam, Ingham, Queensland.

Beating Depression & Anxiety: “Overall I’m feeling great within myself. It’s been just over a year since having only 3 sessions and I feel I am still progressing. Overcoming depression and anxiety has been remarkable, my hypertension has nearly gone, my asthma has improved greatly and I no longer get those ulcers that I use to”. Troy, Cairns, Queensland.

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